Do you think we might be related? Here are the lines I'm most interested in.

ANDERSON: Evansville, Missouri

BROWN: Franklin County, Ohio; Baltimore, Maryland

COMFORT: Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

CLABAUGH: Fairfield, Ohio; Rockingham, Virginia; Jerusalem, Maryland

DAGUE / Deeg: Washington County, Pennsylvania; Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg

GEISZLER / GEIßLER: Franklin County, Ohio; Baden

GORDON: Perry County, Ohio; Westmoreland, Pennsylvania

HEDRICK: Ontario, Canada; Hessen-Kassel, Germany 

HOPPE: Franklin County, Ohio; Hanover

KARLSBERGER/ Kalsberger: Franklin County, Ohio; Bavaria

LONG: Huron County, Ohio; Clearfield, Pennsylvania; Lycoming, Pennsylvania;

MACK/ Mäck: Franklin County, Ohio; Gillersheim, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany

MARR: Welland, Ontario, Canada; York, Ontario, Canada; Pennsylvania

PEAK: Bellevue, Cambpell, Kentucky

SEXTON: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio: New Jersey

SHAFLEY / SCHALFIWelland, Ontario, Canada; Berne, Switzerland

SMITH: Central College, Ohio; Franklin County, Ohio; Pennslyvania

SNYDER: Ontario, Canada; New Jersey

TOWNLEY: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio: New Jersey

TOWNSEND: Franklin County, Ohio

WARD: Bay City, Michigan; New York

WEBB: Franklin County, Ohio; England

YOUNG: Richland County, Ohio; Buffalo Creek, Virginia; Virginia

ZUMSTEIN: Columbus, Ohio; Ontario, Canada; Bayern (Germany)

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