24 February 2014

Family History Writing Challenge: Even More Written

My Writing Challenge Update shared how I beat my 4,000 word goal midway through the month. I asked the question whether my bar was set to low. This week, I must share that I've increased the number of persons that I've written about and the number of words I've written.

So far, I've written about nine ancestors for a total of 

9,400 words. 

And February isn't even over! Hooray.

For many people, they need a goal to push themselves. For me, I wanted to make a commitment that I could achieve and then see by how much I could beat that goal. I knew that I would have ups and downs this months. I would be busy helping to decorate for a Cub Scout banquet, home school my kids, try to fight off the winter blues in the insane winter temps we've had, and my kids or I would get sick. All of that has happened this month. Yet some how, I met my goal and more than doubled it. So, with four more days left in the month... I think I might have to see if I can triple the goal. How fun. At some point, I might need to switch my focus from a word count to a number of ancestors that I want to write about this year and then create a goal measurement chart of some sort to see how close I'm getting to that grand number of narrative stories written. Hmm...

Thanks Lynn Palmero for the Family History Writing Challenge and allowing everyone to make the challenge fit their needs.

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