06 December 2013

Photo Friday: Religious Items Challenge

Last month, I challenged you to photograph the purchasing habits of your family, past and present. This month, it seems fitting that we focus on the religious side of our families. Now, there are a variety of religions and faith practices. So, I'm not promoting one or the other. However, I am inviting everyone to photograph the things that showed the religious side of their family members.

f/5, 1/160 sec, bias +0.2 ISO 200
Pattern metering
In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, the opportunity to take photos outside in natural light using a light box will be non-existent. So, you if have a handy dandy light box and a desk lamp handy, you can take great photos of small objects.

Use the AV setting, your camera on a tripod, and custom white balance for all of your objects. For small objects, use the macro setting.

And, if you need too, do a little post production adjustments in your photo editing software.

Crop & lighten in photo editing software.

Have a happy December and wonderful holiday season. Best Wishes for 2014.

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