30 July 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Need Bloopers for Class on Cemetery Photography

Howdy all!
Photography Don't Photos needed

I am teaching a class on taking better gravestone photos while you're at a cemetery. I have kept a lot of successful photos. However, I deleted a lot of my bad or blooper photos. Then, I realzied I could teach a class on what not to do based on all the mistakes I made. But I no longer have the mistake photos to prove it. Argh!

I could go out to a cemetery and redo a lot of the mistakes. However, it's hard to make an intentional mistake. And, doesn't that would kind of defeat the purpose of going to a cemetery? However, I'm willing to do it in the name of education.

My dear genealogy friends, I was wondering if you could help me out. Would you be willing to share with me poor quality or blooper photos? Bad lighting, bad angles, not paying attention to detail, etc.  I would only use the photos in the class and would certainly say who provided the photos, if necessary.

For experiences without photos, I am willing to go take photo. Just tell me what you did and I'll go reenact it! Anyway, my class is in October. Hopefully ya'll can help me out. Then I can get back to doing the correct side of things.

You can contact me through dnoellee at yahoo dot com or there is a form on my About Me tab. You could also leave a comment below.

Thanks ever so much for helping further the genealogical education.


  1. Anything for the cause! Check your email! I just love your blog!

  2. Tee hee! Great photo! I took a photo once of a high-shine stone only to find a mirror image of myself when I checked them later. Too funny.

    1. I have done that again and again. I need to go do this on purpose to demonstrate how to use a reflector to block myself out of reflective stones.



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