05 July 2013

Photo Friday: Hats

This month, I'm thinking that summer time is hot and hats will adorn many people's heads. So, why not photograph some of the hats in your collection?

I had a very difficult time photographing my husband's hat from childhood. The right angle was elusive. However, I'm still working on coming up with a better back drop, so that is also frustrating. But the one trick I have got to show you is the one that I learned with the graduation cap. Use a bit of craft fiber fill to stuff inside your hat. It fills the hat out, is white, and gives the hat shape. So, despite the fact that I'm not entirely pleased with the photographic techinques that I applied, the stuffing trick did it's job.

f/4.5, exp 1/25, bias +0.7, ISO 100
Center Weight Average metering

Taking a full one front view of the cap, wasn't very pleasing to my eye. However, my husband thought it was fine.

f/4.5, exp 1/25, bias +0.7, ISO 100
Center Weight Average metering

I liked the profile of the hat a little better, but you can't tell that the hat says Trappers. It looks like it says Tappers. One can only imagine the baseball field tapping around the bases!

Honestly the back ground wouldn't have looked so poorly if I had taken the extra effort to smooth out the cloth. So... as you develop your photographic eye, pay attention to the little details. I was so focused on the hat, that I didn't notice the background until I was done photographing for the day. Yikes!

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