07 June 2013

Photo Friday: Lapel Pins

This month we honor our father's with a special day known as Father's Day. This month, I've been thinking about fathers and what comes to mind are lapel and tie pins. So, I thought this month's Treasure Chest Photo Challenge would be to photograph the things that pertain to father's, especially what they wore on their business / church suits.

Unfortunately, I do not remember my father wearing anything on his church suit. And, he rarely had to wear a suit to go to work. So, instead of my father's pins, I have my own. I earned these pins from academic societies associated with college. I wore them on my church suit on occasion.

Now the trick to photographing things of this size is to really get in close. But you knew that, right? The other trick is that these treasures need to stick into something. Otherwise, they topple over and are difficult to photograph.

f/5, exp 1/10, bias +1.3, ISO 100
Center Weight Average metering

I simply stuck these pins into a piece of white fabric. Then I placed craft fiber fill underneath the pins until they were in a pleasing and easy to photograph angle.

f/5, exp 1/10, bias +1.3, ISO 100
Center Weight Average metering

These items are so small, that they photograph well inside a light box (unlike the pin above). And, if you have a collection of pins, you might as well photograph them together.

In next week's post, I'll share some of my husband's tie pins and what I used for the background of those objects.

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