24 May 2013

Photo Friday: Color Guard Awards

Last week I shared my letterman jacket. Before that, I shared another letter I received that wouldn't fit on my jacket. All of these items are in honor of high school and the memorabilia we receive from it. I challenge you to photograph your high school treasures (and especially those of your ancestors). And while you're at it, photograph the recent grads and their current items. Preserve it for the future generations to enjoy.

Photographing memorabilia
f/3.5, exp 1/20 sec, ISO 80
Pattern metering, Auto White Balance

This installment involves a medallion I received for receiving top honors at a color guard soloist competition and a flag corp ring by James Avery that I wore throughout high school.

I took these photos one day using my DIY light box. I placed the box on my ironing board and moved over to the natural light streaming in from the window (left side of the box). I covered a piece of craft fiber fill with a white muslin cloth. Then I placed the medallion on the puff (yep, technical term).

I like the clarity of the medallion, but it looks a little boring. Remember, how I shared earlier to create a story with the artifacts? Well, there was no story. So I grouped the ring with the medallion.

Photographing high school mementos
f/5, exp 1/15 sec, ISO 100, bias +0.7
Spot metering, Auto White Balance

This arrangement was much better. A medal and a ring. I know I wore this medal on my letterman jacket along side my band medals. I wore the ring proudly on the hand opposite my class ring. The perfect 'high school' band/color guard nerd. The collection brought back those memories whereas the single medal did not. That is not to say that you can have just a medal in a photo. Maybe that's all you have. Run with it. However, if you have more artifacts, use them to tell the bigger story.

Now, to fix that distracting background. I smoothed it out, and tried again. Much better!

f/5, exp 1/15 sec, ISO 100, bias +0.7
Spot metering, Auto White Balance

Have fun celebrating all of the graduations taking place this month. While you're doing so, grab your camera and photograph the artifacts new grads have amassed. And then photograph the artifacts belonging to the members on your family tree. You'll be glad you did.

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