22 May 2013

Heritage Scrapbook: Favorite Finds

Heritage Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to celebrate the lives of our parents, grandparents and beyond. Often I share my work, the stories behind the page creation, or tips on crafting a family history page.  At times, I want feature examples of outstanding scrapbook layouts that inspire me.
My Parents: by pozeepati at Digital Scrapbook Place

The website Digital Scrapbook Place has galleries full of inspiration. I found this page entitled "My Parents" by pozeepati.The page is part of a scrapbook she created for her mother's 90th birthday party.

I love that the overall feel of the album is elegant and timeless. The organization of elements, the color scheme, and the soft yet powerful embellishments are pleasing. What is perfect about this particular page is that the photo of the adorable couple takes center stage. And that's where the focus should be.

This page is not trendy. It will be something that would get 'old' ten years from now. When crafting scrapbook pages for family history albums, you want to avoid trends. One would not want to groan years later about the use of some past trend on an album of this nature. Save the trends for everyday scrapbooks.

One small piece of advice for my readers based on this layout. I hope that this page is one half of a layout. Hopefully the second half would feature stories or memories about this couple, and perhaps another photo. In the designer's gallery, I noticed only a few pages with a lot of stories. I crave more stories!

With the inspiration layout and a second 'story' layout, the the two-page spread will do the job of a heritage scrapbook. What is that job? To share memories of our ancestors so that future generations will know and love them as much as we do now. If this page only shared their names and a nice quote, future generations will now very little about 'My Parents."

Kudos for pozzeepati and her beautiful heritage scrapbook page.

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