Geiszler Family History: George and Evaline have children

This is a continuation of the family history for George Joseph Geiszler and Evaline Townley Peak. If you missed previous installments, you can view them here and here.

Although the 1920 accurately shows no children born to the couple after 2 years of marriage, it does not reflect the fact that Evaline, 27, was pregnant with their first child. Marguerite Virginia Geiszler was born on 20 July 1920 in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. It could be surmised that Marguerite was named after her grandmother Magdalena Marguerta Hoppe Geiszler, nicknamed Maggie.

George Geiszler, Margurita Magdalena Hoppe, Henry Geiszler
George Geiszler with his parents Maggie Hoppe
and Henry Geiszler

On 3 Feb 1921, George's mother Maggie died. Her death had a terrible effect on his father Henry. Henry's drinking apparently became worse. Marguerite remembers stories of Henry sitting in a drunken stupor and calling for Maggie, his deceased wife. The end of the tragedies would not stop in 1921. On 5 Nov 1921, a second daughter was delivered to Evaline at Protestant Hospital prematurely and lived only 10 minutes. The baby girl never received a name.

Samuel Bailety Barton
Samuel Bailey Barton (1853-1929)
c. 1923

On 21 Jan 1923, George Barton Geiszler joined the family. George is the name sake of two individuals. Obviously his father, but less obvious is the name Barton. Barton was the last name of a very dear friend of George and Evaline named Samuel Barton. Samuel and George both worked for the railroad as pattern makers. Samuel was 30 years George's senior. He was also a widow, having lost his second wife Caroline Bergner in 1920. How touching it must have been for Samuel to have a namesake to carry on when he never had any children. Samuel would attend family events and have his photograph taken in family snap shots. His death on 22 July 1929 was recorded in Evaline's family Bible, as she also was the informant on his death certificate.

Samuel Barton, Evaline Peak, Evaline Townley, George Geiszler, Marguerite Geiszler
Samuel Barton at the home of George Geiszler. c. 1923
Samuel, George Geiszler, Evaline Peak Geiszler, Evaline Peak
and Marguerite Geiszler
Carl Richard Geiszler joined the family on 20 Jan 1925. It appears that Evaline named this child. Carl is the name of her deceased finance Carl Short who died in 1916. Evaline kept pictures of her beloved Carl throughout her marriage. It is said she kept his photo in the marital bedroom she shared with George. No one said whether this bothered George or not. In any case Richard, was not the fiance's first name, as Carl was short for his second name Carlton. Bess Short lived to see the birth of her son's namesake. Bette Ellen Short died Dec 17, 1926. The only place this death was recorded thus far is in the family bible kept by Evaline.

Carl, Marguerite, and George Geiszler
c. 1926
I love the almost angelic quality of the lighting on Carl's face.

The fifth and final child of George and Evaline was born on 22 August 1926. No one knows the story behind Robert Paul's name. 

Evaline, George, Marguerite, Carl, and Robert Geiszler
Evaline Peak Geiszler with her four children: Robert,
George, Marguertie and Carl. c. 1928
Tragedy struck the Geiszler home in 1928, when 3 year-old Carl died of influenza. His sister Margie remembers the family taking a trip to a chicken farm near Easter time when farmers used to color baby chicks pastel colors. Upon returning home, little Carl didn't feel good. He spent several days under the care of his mother having trouble breathing. He died in Evaline's arms on 7 Apr 1928. The inscription on his white tombstone reads “Our Dear Little Boy.”

Carl Geiszler Tombstone
Carl Richard Geiszler's tombstone
1925 - 1928
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio

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