Heritage Scrapbooking: Using Color Schemes

Since June of 2011, I have shared a lot of information about creating family history scrapbooks. I fully believe this is a kid-friendly way to present our heritage information. And, big people like them too.

I've shared why you should create a family history scrapbook. I have shared different page types that you could include in your heritage project (Family Trees, Mini-trees, Timelines, Mother Page, Father Page, Baby Page, and Story Pages.)

I have shared tips on what do to do when:

I've also shared resources you can use when selecting your color schemes for a heritage scrapbook here and here.

Whew! That's a lot of information and there is even more in my book: Create a Family History ScrapbookDigitally in 12 Simple Steps.

Today, I wanted to show you why a color scheme is important. This week I'll share the collection of pages from my mother's album that I've shared so far.

Cover page sets the theme

All heritage albums need a family tree

Father's Page

Mother's Page

Use mini-tree on grandparent page

Use memorabilia on grandmother's page

Another mini-tree on grandparent page

Keep the story brief on grandma's page

Use a two page layout...

to tell the person's story

For my mother, I used a green, tan, and gold color scheme. I chose these colors because they were the colors of my mother's wedding. They looked so nice together on her wedding day. I knew she would like the color scheme for a personal reason.

Feel free to click on the images to see a larger view of each photo. The caption links will take you to posts about related topics. I hope you enjoy this recap. And now you can see why how the mix and matching of papers and elements in a color scheme unites family history album pages to tell a story. And that's what we are... story tellers.

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