03 January 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: Challenge ~ Baby Items

Welcome to the Treasure Chest Thursday Challenge series. While ringing in the New Year, one can't help but picture Baby New Year. So that's why I thought it would be great to show off some of the artifacts pertaining to babies. Plus, grandparents love their grand babies and often have spoiled them rotten during Christmas. So, babies are on my brain as the New Year starts.

Treasure Chest Thursday Challenge for January: Baby Items
Treasure Chest Thursday Challenge for January: Baby Items

Here's my contribution this month. When a baby is born, and they happen to be the first child in a family, the 'first' holidays are greatly celebrated. Our first child was no different. After our daughter's first Christmas, I saved her bib and booties. Okay, the booties didn't fit and I didn't want to use the bib because it would get stained. (Does that sound like a first time mom or what?).

Treasure Chest Thursday Challenge Baby Artifacts
Booties alone were sort of boring because I also had a bib.
I tried taking photos of these items separately and on a white background. I found that the booties blended into the background. That wasn't going to work for me. So I put the booties and the bib together. That did the trick

 How I might improve on this photo:

With Treasure Chest Thursday Challenges... the goals are two fold: a) photograph your artifacte and b) share what you learned about photographing the artifact. So I'm going to share some thought I had on how I could improve the above contribution. If you have tips or 'oh I wish I did this differently,' please share with us!

Perhaps I could improve this photograph by placing a pink as the backdrop for my daughter. I now wonder what that would have looked liked.  The photograph would then put the first Christmas items in context of which child it pertained to.

Another option would be to use a muted green wrapping paper, rather than a shiny surface. I could complete the photo story with a package bow. Then the artifact would become more of a festive photograph.

Right now, I really like the photo 'as is'. It coordinates well with the color scheme of the scrapbook I have already created for this particular daughter.  Additionally, we might want to use the photograph for other purposes and a white background would be better suited for that. If these artifacts belonged to my younger daughter, I would definitely use the previous two suggestions. She has a personality that requires a lot of pizazz in her scrapbooks. The best thing I can do is play with the levels.

After cropping and adjusting the levels a bit, I like this the best.

I look forward to seeing what baby items you photograph this month and learning your challenges and successes in photographing these items. Next month's challenge is what most women love: SHOES!


  1. I'm glad I took the challenge, because it's been awhile since I last photographed/recorded a family heirloom. Looking forward to the next challenge!

    1. I'm so glad you took the challenge. Your husband's baby shoes look awesome!



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