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10 December 2012

Mystery Monday: Mrs. Robert Comfort of Canada

A while back, a kind person was trying to track down the relatives for a photograph that she had. She found me through RootsWeb Connect. She had a photo for a Mrs. Robert Comfort and wanted to return it to the rightful owners.

Mrs Robert Comfort
Photographer:  E. Poole studio in St. Catharines

This  woman looks so beautiful but here's the trouble. There are so MANY Robert Comforts in St. Catharine's, Ontario Canada. It's VERY difficult trying to figure out just who this person might be. Additionally, other than gravestones, this is the only Comfort family photo I have. So sad. I know there are Comfort Family researchers doing work on the same line as me, but I can't seem to track them down.

So, Mrs. Robert Comfort has remained a mystery to me for over 7 years. The only additional information I have received is this:
Mr. Poole retired from the photo business in 1921. So the photo is pre-1921.


  1. I love the name of your blog! Genealogists certainly need lots of patience. Good luck identifying your photo.

    1. Thanks. I like the name of my blog as a reminder to me to be patient. And it's ironic when I'm not patient that my blog is named such! Glad you picked up on the reminder to all, but especially to myself.


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