15 September 2012

Book Release- Power Scrapbooking: Get Caught Up, No Matter Your Scrapbooking Style

"How do you have time to scrapbook? How do you have time to maintain 6 scrapbooks and do genealogy?"

If I've heard that question once, I've heard it a thousand times. I believe it is partly meant as a compliment. But, enough people have also asked me for 'how to' information, that I'm confident people really want to know how I do it.

Power Scrapbooking is the answer. Power Scrapbooking is rapidly assembling scrapbook pages in a short amount of time. It gives you a major sense of accomplishment to see at the end of an evening 10, 20, 30 or even 100 pages completed rather than just 2 or 3.

Power Scrapbooking helps me have more time for genealogy.
Power Scrapbooking takes the reader through the process of gathering photos and memorabilia, preserving them, and turning them into a completed scrapbook. The Power Scrapbooking process is covered for paper scrapbooking, hybrid scrapbooking, and digital scrapbooking. Learn how you can efficiently put together scrapbooks that your family and friends will love to look through!

Can you imagine being caught up for all of your children from the time they were born until the previous year? Can you imagine having your personal life's memories scrapbooked as well? Believe it. It's possible. Power Scrapbooking can show you how.

By being efficient, I had more time to be creative. My system has amazed my friends and fellow scrapbookers. Several close friends have seen me work an 80 page scrapbook from start to finish in a few short months. I completed this project working primarily one night a week, and socializing at the same time.

With the freed up time, you're only question is what to do with it. Personally, I use the extra time I would have spent scrapbooking to create wonderful Family History Albums which I never would have gotten to before. Who knows what you'll do?

I'm pleased to announce the release of my book Power Scrapbooking: Get Caught Up, No Matter Your Scrapbooking Style. It is available for Kindle readers at Amazon. It is also available for other e-readers through Smashwords.

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