Family History: More Patience and Some Courage

Since December, I've been flooded with a desire to do more family history work. I'm working on a 'short' scrapbook that features my mother. I'll have to share some pages when I'm done. Thanks to digital scrapbooking, I'm finally getting around to doing this project that I've meant to do for so many years!

In February, I received the prize of all prizes. A vintage photo album with 30 pictures of Geiszler family members that I had hoped to someday see. I think this is the album that was 'lost' during a family squabble that I never dreamed I'd lay eyes on. My distant cousin deemed me trustworthy enough to care for said album and pass it along to future generations. The album gave me faces to names that I had never known (Catherine and Mary Geiszler for two). And it also gave me more questions. In the album are several individuals who I'll just call "Mystery Men (or Women)". Perhaps I should post a few of them in hopes that a genealogist might happen upon my blog and help me figure out who these people are. That's for the future. What the lesson is, is this. Genealogy requires patience. But, the sooner you start the better chance you have of getting your hands on things. And, if there are family feuds involved, you need even more patience for family artifacts. But if I'm not a rarity, I know they will come.

In early March, I took a huge courage pill and called another side of the family in hopes that a family feud hadn't reached her. When I called, I explained who I was and this further distant cousin knew exactly who I was! She said, "what do you need?" I said, "photos. I have no idea what anyone looks like."

I shared that I knew she had a busy life but if perhaps she could find some time in the coming months to share some pictures, I would be so grateful. Guess what!?! She had time the next day. She emailed me some forty pictures of a variety of family members on my Zumstein family. I have new names that I didn't know. And, she also sent me some written 'family information' in story form. Hallelujah. I'm drowning in the content and photos of these family members.

My quest for more family history has been interesting. I've had to develop patience and courage. Now, I just have to have more patience to temper my excitement of recent discoveries. I still have a living family to raise and record for our posterity. Ahh... it does feel pretty awesome though.


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