Mystery Monday - Who is Charles Gordon?

I broke down and purchased a one month subscription to I'm working crazy to make use of it and then remember to cancel it. I really have other projects to handle this year, so one month of intense record searching is about all I can spare. In the future, I'd consider having a yearly membership... but that's a big commitment when you're trying to get out of debt.

ANYWAY... two things I found. My mother and aunt have ancestry accounts. Go figure? Second, I found Charles Gordon (1755-1809). Turns out, he's hard to find in records because his name is Nathaniel Charles Gordon. Some records only have him as Nathaniel. I found 14 different family trees with Nathaniel on their branches. Then, when I added the name Nathaniel to the LDS Family Search website, I found all Charles' siblings listed, and his ancestors going back another 4 generations confirmed. Now, if only I can figure out how to download these generations from FamilySearch or quickly, I'll be in business.

I probably need to add more information, but this is just to get me started sharing what I've found.

Mystery Monday is a daily blogging prompt from GeneaBloggers, the genealogy community's resource for blogging. It is used by many genealogy bloggers to help them tell stories of their ancestors.

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